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Subject: MAX Digest - 20 Jan 1997 to 21 Jan
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  1. MAX Digest - 19 Jan 1997 to 20 Jan 1997 (2)
  2. powerbook & Max (2)
  3. Yikes! 3.5 patch-cord mutiny
  4. Yikes! Cords and chords
  5. lib object update


Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 08:47:52 -0500
From:    Jeffrey Krieger 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 19 Jan 1997 to 20 Jan 1997

In a message dated 1/21/97 12:03:10 AM, you wrote:


Thanks for the response but how is the resolution quality?

Jeff Krieger


Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 08:50:36 -0500
From:    Jeffrey Krieger 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 19 Jan 1997 to 20 Jan 1997

Has anyone had any success with the video disc player object in MAX?

Jeff Krieger


Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:09:00 -0800
From:    Peter Elsea 
Subject: powerbook & Max

I know it's been discussed before, but I just sort of let the messages
glaze by since I wasn't a powerbook user.

Now I am. We've just set up a Powerbook 1400 in my wife's studio to give
her what is in effect a talking BRC for her ADATs. (My wife is a composer,
and is blind.) I made up a patch to do the job with MIDI Machine Control
via a Cooper datamaster. The patch works fine on a stationary Mac connected
to a Darwin, but there are problems with the Powerbook to ADAT setup.

Problem 1- Some commands get lost.
One possibilty -I'm using a MIDI Translator II on a short cord, and the
MTII does steal power from the serial port,  and perhaps the 1400 doesn't
have enough oomph to keep it going, so I'll substitute a powered MIDI box
Another Possibility - ADATs (or Cooper) just sometimes miss commands. After
all, they often don't notice when you hit their own buttons. (By the way,
these are classic ADATs that have been upgraded to 4.03.)
If anyone has experience controlling  ADATs I'd like to hear.

Problem 2 - After the Powerbook goes to sleep and wakes up, MIDI is hosed.
Nothing goes out and only partial messages come back. The only cure is to
quit the app and restart it. This is serious, because my wife wants to move
the 1400 into her vocal booth and use it while she sings- a long enough
song and her control is dead (or turning sleep off, a long enough session
and everything dies.)
Any suggestions from the Powerbook experts? Would OMS 2.0 help?

Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:38:04 -0800
From:    Richard Zvonar 
Subject: Re: Yikes! 3.5 patch-cord mutiny

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997 03:23:29 Amanda Pehlke  wrote:

>I can't generate a patch cord at all, now, unless "Segmented" is enabled.
>it's not enabled, the outlet I'm starting from will twitch, but no cord.
>she says optimistically, we'll keep that option enabled for now.  We go
>make a connection.  Oops, we don't want that cord after all.  We select
>it--it highlights.  Command-X.  Nothing happens.  Cord won't go away.  We
>look at the Edit menu.  Cut and Copy are greyed out.  Paste shows up only
>there's something on the clipboard.  So far, all other Max functions seem
>work OK.

I can generate patch cords in either mode on my PPC 8500.

You're right about not being able to use Command-X to delete a pach cord,
but Delete works just fine for me (Command-X used to work in 3.0, but I
suspect David Z "fixed" it because, after all, it doesn't make a lot of
sense to cut and paste a patch cord).

Richard Zvonar, PhD                    
RZ Cybernetics                            
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Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 15:19:48 -0500
From:    Amanda Pehlke 
Subject: Yikes! Cords and chords

>Try using the 'delete' key on the selected patchcords...

How un-handy if one is a longtime-left-handed-Command-cutter, rather than a
dedicated Deleter!  The early habit-formation involved depends a lot on the
type of keyboard in use, I guess.  Trying to be grateful, the next time I
connect one patch-cord swiftly to 20 places I'll remind myself that there
most likely a trade-off there!

This may be too small-time for jaded Max'ers, but I made a chord-recognition
utility in Max (to plug into a larger endeavor, and because I need it!), and
I'm looking to compare it with any others that people have done.  This one
reports the root and type if it finds any of 30 civilized possibilities, but
right now it's finicky about the order in which it considers pitch classes,
on SOME chords.  At the moment it's considering them in the order played-in,
which is how I'd like to keep it.  I still have to determine systematically
what it doesn't like, but in the meantime, if anyone is interested picking
and whipping swiftly into shape ;-) a mostly-there treatment of the subject,
please let me know and I'll make it ftp-able.

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Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 16:07:00 EST
From:    Greg Kuhn <0003939581@MCIMAIL.COM>
Subject: Re: powerbook & Max

What kind of data is going back and forth between your BRC
and Mac?

Why a Cooper if you have an ADAT BRC?

No sleep works best.

Don't ever trust a lone printer port.

Don't some older powerbooks have some power
cycling glitch, where it does some power
checking and effes things up?

PS Didn't you tell me not to use timein with
the BRC, but instead use xtimein because
of the rewinding MTCode crashes?


Date:    Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:04:48 +0000
From:    Tod Fiste 
Subject: lib object update


Can somebody PLEASE send me a copy of the file lib-update.sea.bin to
update the lib object or point me to a location other than
(which will not let me in)?  PRETTY PLEASE???

If you point me to one of the other existing ftp sites, please specify
the file name because I haven't been able to find it with the above
name anywhere.

Opcode is (supposedly) sending me a copy of Max 3.5, which is the only
thing they'll do toward helping me fix my lib object problems with
3.0, but they're back-ordered and god only knows when I'll get it.

Thanks in advance!



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